The Global Frontier in Life Science program at Kyoto University offers Master's degree (2 years) and Doctoral degree (3 years) courses held entirely in English.

We are currently recruiting students for next year’s incoming class, which will arrive in Japan and commence courses towards the Master’s degree in October 2017.

Applications for this enrollment will be accepted between March and May, 2017.

If you are interested in coming to Japan for graduate studies, the best starting point is to read up on the various funding opportunities that exist. There are several different scholarships and programs you might apply for, depending on your country of residence and which university you are interested in.

What you can do now:

  • Read and understand the information supplied below and in the linked sites, and ask by email ( if anything is unclear. We welcome all inquiries from interested students.
  • Obtain application materials, and begin the application process as soon as possible.
  • If you’re interested in joining our lab, send me an informal inquiry via email.

Around ten international students per year are accepted to the Master’s degree program in the Graduate School of Biostudies. Of these, some obtain scholarships while others are self-funded. The Japanese government provides full scholarships (MEXT* scholarships) to qualified international students undertaking post-graduate studies at Japanese universities. Tuition and travel costs are both covered, and a monthly stipend is also provided. Acceptance to the program is competitive, with success rates around 25%.

*MEXT is an abbreviation for the Japanese Ministry for Education, Culture, Science, Sports, and Technology.

  • The MEXT scholarship (from 2014, Kyoto University)

  • Global 30", a Japanese government program to expand international student presence at 30 selected universities

Qualifications for the MEXT Scholarship:

  1. Nationality: Any country that has diplomatic relations with Japan, also including stateless persons. Applicants with Japanese nationality are not eligible.

  2. Age: Applicants must be at most 34 years old.

  3. Academic Background: Applicant must have graduated from a university before the commencement date of studies in Japan.

  4. Japanese Language: No previous knowledge of Japanese is necessary, but applicants should be willing to learn the language to a degree sufficient to support day-to-day life, and capable of engaging in study and research while adapting to life in Japan. Students enrolled in Master's or Doctoral degree programs are not required to take Japanese language classes.

  5. Health: A doctor’s certificate must be provided to show applicants are physically and mentally healthy enough to pursue study at university.

  6. Arrival in Japan: Applicants must arrive in Japan within two weeks of the beginning of the semester. Travel expenses will not be provided if an applicant chooses to travel to Japan before this period.

MEXT Scholarship Benefits

  1. Allowance: Each grantee will be provided monthly with 143,000 yen (non-degree research students), 144,000 yen (Master’s course), or 145,000 yen (Doctoral course). These amounts are subject to change depending on the annual budget of each year.

    Note: 144,000 yen is about 1422 USD, 1274 Euro, 1858 AUD or 1921 SGD per month (Currency exchange rate as of 2016 August)

  2. Traveling Costs
    • Transportation to Japan: Each grantee will be provided, according to their itinerary and route as designated by MEXT, with an economy class air ticket from the international airport closest to their place of residence to Narita International Airport (or following the itinerary normally used by the university where the grantee is placed).
    • Transportation from Japan: Grantees who return to their home country within the last-payment month of the scholarship will be provided, upon application, with an economy class air ticket for a flight from Narita International Airport (or following the itinerary normally used by the university where the grantee is placed) to the international airport closest to their place of return.

Duration of MEXT Scholarship

The scholarship will be payable for the standard period necessary to complete the Master's or Doctoral course (standard course term).

Note: Under the educational system of Japan, a typical master's course lasts for two years subsequent to graduation from a university (i.e. after completion of a 16-year school curriculum), and a typical doctoral course lasts for three years after completion of a master's course. Students who complete such courses, obtain the necessary credits, and pass the final examination after submitting their graduation thesis will be given the relevant degree.